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    Dark or Light

    We're streaming Divinity Original Sin 2 tonight at 11p ET. Here's how you can watch.

    Revelation Online is hosting a treasure hunt for a limited time.

    Shadow Arena has received a new hero highlight video, this time featuring Jordine Ducas.

    Final Fantasy XIV Producer and Director, Naoki Yoshida, has provided an update on the impact COVID-19 has had on development.

    MMORPG.com has been given beta test keys for Epic Chess to give out to our community. These Steam keys will give you access to the beta test from April 8 until April 13, 2020. Get your key now!

    Recently we had the chance to talk to Yoshi-P from Final Fantasy XIV about leveling alternate jobs, questing and more in the popular MMORPG. Check out our interview with Naoki Yoshida and Lead Character Concept Artist Yusuke Mogi.

    In a brace of World of Warcraft-related news, BlizzCon isn't cancelled just yet, and the Shadowlands prequel novel receives a cover.


    Viper made their name on memory and storage, but what happens when they try their hand at a gaming headset? Let's find out together in our review of the Viper Gaming V380 Gaming Headset.

    Zenimax shared some more details on adventuring in Greymoor's Western Skyrim in Elder Scrolls Online.

    Console gamers of Star Trek Online can finally take part in the First Contact Day Celebration thanks to the latest patch.

    The winners for Dual Universe's Space Station Building contest have now all been announced.


    Animal Crossing is a different kind of game. It isn't just that the world is generally run by anthropomorphic animals, or the fact that fossils, fruits and fish are big moneymakers in the economy. But is New Horizons a new adventure, or simply another rehash?

    Triple rewards await you in this week's GTA Online update.

    Warframe's Operation Scarlet Spear is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

    Fallout 76 has received another trailer for its upcoming Wastelanders update.


    Viper made their name on memory and storage, but what happens when they try their hand at a gaming headset? Let's find out together in our review of the Viper Gaming V380 Gaming Headset.


    Animal Crossing is a different kind of game. It isn't just that the world is generally run by anthropomorphic animals, or the fact that fossils, fruits and fish are big moneymakers in the economy. But is New Horizons a new adventure, or simply another rehash?


    Corsair's Scimitar RGB Elite Mouse is aimed squarely at MMO and MOBA players, both needing a breadth of inputs to adequately play their games. So how does the mouse fare in that regard?


    Corsair is back with a refresh of their Dark Core RGB. The new Dark Core RGB Pro turns the dial on wireless performance with an incredible 2000 Hz polling rate. Is it worth the upgrade? Read on for our full review.


    To say Final Fantasy VII REMAKE has been hotly anticipated is putting it mildly. Check out our review of the long-awaited remake of one of Square Enix's most beloved JRPGs of all time.


    Do you need a small mic that you can take with you on the go but still delivers the high quality you're looking for. The Samson Satellite might be the answer for you. Find out in our full review.


    PreSonus is may be known for professional and live performance gear, but what happens when they make a Bluetooth headphone complete with ANC? Join us as we find out.


    Are you in the market for a cutting edge external SSD? With speeds up to 2,000 MB/s, the WD Black P50 may be the drive for you.


    If you're a streamer or content creator, a green screen is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal. Is the Elgato Green Screen a good fit for you? Join us as we find out.


    Are you looking for a new MMO mouse that won't break the bank? You owe it to yourself to give the Viper V570 Blackout a look. At $59.99, is this 13-button weight-customizable rodent the right fit for you?


    The day we've been waiting for has finally come: Doom Eternal is here and we're ready to let you know what we think. Read on for our full review!


    Working from home and looking to take care of your hands while also doing a little gaming? The Mistel Barocco MD770 may be the keyboard you've been waiting for.


    The HyperX Alpha S Blackout is the latest iteration on one of our favorite headsets. Does 7.1 surround sound make it worth buying all over again?


    The Hexgears Gemini Dusk: a high-end gaming keyboard with PBT caps, a metal body, bright RGB lighting, and full programmability. Is it right for you?


    Last week, we shared the $99 Rode PodMic and were floored. Today, we’re looking at its big brother, the Rode Procaster. Is it the right fit for you? Join us as we find out!

    Population Zero's development is trucking along, and the team behind the upcoming survival MMO released a new video showcasing its combat.

    Black Desert Online is four years old this year and the team celebrated the milestone with a video collaboration with Carbot Animations.

    Cryptic Studios opened up a bit today with the release of their first dev diary, touching on the creation of Magic: Legends.

    ArenaNet announced this morning that the latest installement in The Icebrood Saga, "Visions of the Past: Steel and Fire" is coming to Guild Wars 2 this March 17th.

    Saga of Lucimia is approaching its next Alpha phase in its development, and the team a Stormhaven Studios took to Twitch earlier today to showcase some of the small group content in the MMORPG.

    Larian Studios unveiled the opening cinematic for their forthcoming entry in the legendary Baldur's Gate series, Baldur's Gate 3.

    Today, ZeniMax Online Studios have released a new gameplay trailer for their latest DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online, Harrowstorm.

    Amazon Game Studios have released a new dev diary showing off the enemies you might find throughout your exploration of Aeternum, the Eternal Isle in the upcoming MMO New World. The diary goes into detail some of the enemies you'll encounter, as well as why the land is deathless.

    Today, Perfect World announced that the upcoming Free-to-Play title, Torchlight Frontiers, will transform into a fully fledged ARPG experience, Torchlight III.

    Check out the latest chapter in the Elder Scrolls Online story - Greymoor, as well as the year-long "Dark Heart of Skyrim" story in ESO's latest trailer.

    Magic: Legends is an MMO Action RPG from Perfect World that puts players in the role of the epic, spell-slinging Planeswalkers of Magic's universe.

    Diablo IV debuted its first gameplay trailer, showcasing three of the upcoming classes: the Sorceress, Barbarian and Druid. Diablo IV will be hitting PC, Xbox One and PS4.

    Revealed at BlizzCon 2019, Diablo IV is set years after the events of Diablo III. In this gritty and bloody trailer, Diablo IV's cinematic trailer sets the grisly tone for the game moving forward.

    War Selection is an upcoming RTS game from Glyph Worlds. Pitting 62 players against each other, players race to determine which civilization is best.

    No Man's Sky BEYOND brings with it new features such as expanded multiplayer, mounts, VR and more. Check out the latest gameplay trailer ahead of the August 14th launch.

    MMORPG.com has been given beta test keys for Epic Chess to give out to our community. These Steam keys will give you access to the beta test from April 8 until April 13, 2020. Get your key now!

    MMORPG.com has been given a limited number of closed beta test keys for Population Zero - the upcoming sci-fi survival MMO where you and hundreds of other players will fight for survival in a dangerous alien world. Get your key now!

    MMORPG.com has been given beta keys for the upcoming Shadow Arena on Steam! Brought to you by the team that created the award-winning MMORPG Black Desert - Shadow Arena features MOBA, battle royale, and MMO genres to create an arena fighter. Get your key now!

    MMORPG.com has been given private beta keys for Six Temples to give away to our community. Six Temples is a multiplayer fantasy-action PC game based on territory control. Get your key now!

    MMORPG.com has been given 25 Steam Keys for Valnir Rok to give away to our community! These keys are valued at $19.95 and will give you full early access to the game on Steam. Valnir Rock is an online sandbox survival roleplaying game inspired by Norse mythology.

    MMORPG.com has been given 25 keys for the Bless Unleashed Exalted Founder Pack. These keys are valued at $39.99 each and will give players tons of cool stuff for Bless Unleashed. Enter for a chance to win a key now!

    MMORPG.com has been given a limited number of beta keys for Spellbreak - the all new AAA fantasy battle royale experience featuring epic magic combat and powerful spellcasting. Get your key now while they last!

    MMORPG.com has been given gift keys for Stein.world that will give players a Farmer Packsack with 5 slots for your inventory as well as a 7 day full stein.account with many bonuses. Get your key now!

    MMORPG.com has partnered with Eudemons Online team to bring a special Free Media Pack for our new players to challenge new server Elvencity! The pack will give your several amazing prizes!

    MMORPG.com has been given gift keys for the Brazilian version of RF Online that will give players 7 days premium, seed (4 hours) and more. Get your key now!

    MMORPG.com has partnered with Perfect World Entertainment to bring an exciting sweepstakes event for Star Trek Online in celebration of their 10th anniversary! There are a total of 553 prizes to give away including real Limited Edition STO Anniversary Badges, Fleet Admiral Faction Packs, T6 Europa-Class Heavy Battlecruisers and more! Enter for a chance to win now!

    MMORPG.com has special gift keys for Trove that will give players a "Level 10 Coin." This item helps the players to progress faster on the first amazing levels of the game. Get your key now!

    MMORPG.com has been given 25 codes for the Pack of the Yeth Hound for Neverwinter! These codes are valued at $25 each and feature the Yeth mount and Yeth companion in the game. Enter for a chance to win one now!

    We are giving away a special edition Blade & Soul watch ($375 value) to one lucky winner! The MTM Hypertec watch collection is a unique and stylish line of military-grade timepieces made for both the combatant and casual wearer. This sweepstakes will run from January 26 @ 1PM EST until February 2 @ 9PM EST. Enter now for a chance to win this!

    Celebrating Christmas holidays and the upcoming release of an upcoming Operation Hydra PvE mission on PC, Warface has provided us with 100 "Christmas Packs" to select offer to our community, each valued at $50. The exclusivity of the packs means that they cannot be bought in-game. Enter for a chance to win one now!

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